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TAKEX America Inc.
151 San Zeno Way, Sunnyvale CA 94086, USA
Security Sensors / PXB-100ATC



Unrivaled detection performance

TAKEX PXB-100ATC photoelectric beam sensors were developed for high-risk applications where detection of all intrusion attempts is critical. The PXB-100ATC uses a unique synchronized timing system to achieve unrivalled detection performance and versatility.

The modular design of the PXB-100ATC sensors ensures that systems can be implemented based on the needs of the application and environment. Sensors can be integrated in a ‘tower’ configuration to create a high security detection zone of 100m outdoors, to a height of over 8m.

Intelligent dual response system

The PXB-100ATC uses a sophisticated dual response and output system that has been designed to distinguish and allocate specific alarm responses based on the size and speed of target objects moving through the detection area.

OR Gate - AT

The ‘OR’ response is initiated when an opaque object of 216mm in height passes through the detection area at ground level and either the lower or upper beams are broken. When an ‘OR’ detection occurs, beam interruption time is determined by the settings applied during calibration. The adjustable response times for ‘OR’ detection are 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 & 0.5 seconds. The four configurable ‘OR’ detection response times ensure that small animals such as birds and rats can pass through the detection area undetected, but attempts by humans to crawl through a portion of the detection area are always detected and reported to the alarm controller.

AND Gate - HF

The ‘AND’ response is initiated when an opaque object of 513mm in height passes through the detection area at ground level and both lower and upper beams are broken simultaneously. When an ‘AND’ detection occurs, beam interruption time reduces to 0.05 seconds ensuring that large objects cannot pass through the detection area undetected. During an ‘AND’ alarm condition, both the AT & HF output are engaged to communicate a full alarm. The unique size and speed processing reduces the likelihood of nuisance alarms caused by birds or debris flying through the detection area, while maximizing the catch performance of legitimate targets.

The combination of the HF (AND) & AT (OR) outputs allows for unsurpassed performance and event reporting capabilities. TAKEX’s unique processing system allows control equipment to respond appropriately to prone crawling and general perimeter breaches.

±20 degree vertical adjustment

20 degree change in elevation equivalent to the height of 8 stacked double decker buses over a 100m protection distance

Anti-mask & anti-cloak

The PXB-100ATC photoelectric beam sensor is Anti-Mask & Anti-Cloak by nature. It is not possible to defeat the system using masking or cloaking methods anywhere in the 100m detection area. Placement of any opaque object big enough to mask the IR signal in the detection zone will be registered as an alarm.

Alignment aids

The PXB-100ATC is supplied with convenient and easy to use alignment aids. Vivid colour coded internal casings allow for easier visual alignment over long distances, and the integrated ‘sound check’ tone generator and ‘monitor output’ allow the installer to measure the signal strength using a standard voltage tester. For the most accurate and simple calibration, the optional ER-02 is available as a specialist wireless calibration tool.

Narrow envelope

Some Perimeter Intrusion Detection technologies require very wide open spaces in order to function without interference or signal blocking. The PXB-100ATC can be utilized in narrow corridors and environments where obstacles are in close proximity to the line of protection without compromise.

Dual output and response processing

The advanced dual output and response timing  system of the PXB-100ATC ensures that the sensor can respond appropriately to different alarm conditions. When smaller objects such as birds or debris pass through the detection area they are unlikely to be detected, but if they are detected they will be granted a small window of time to pass through without causing an alarm. When larger objects pass through, such as human beings, the response time decreases to 0.05 seconds, initiating an instantaneous alarm.

Rate of change

Many perimeter intrusion detection technologies have a weak point in processing and accurately registering targets with a very slow rate of change. This may include extremely slow moving/crawling intruders. This kind of system defeat is not possible with the PXB-100ATC.

Advanced synchronisation

Through the use of an advanced synchronized timing system; it is possible to stack more TAKEX sensors than ever before. Our synchronisation system reduces the risk of cross talk in installations where there are high and tight stacks or multiple linear zones.

Ingress protection

The PXB-100ATC is supplied in an IP65 rated casing with specially designed ‘cable hugging’ insect bushings to ensure that the sensors remain dry and bug free. For extra peace of mind, the sensors have been fitted with a specially designed waterproof but breathable fabric vent to ensure moisture and condensation is never a problem.


  • Independent control of upper and lower beams
  • Choose between Synchro Quad and Anti-Crawl operation
  • Separate outputs for crawl attempt and full beam break
  • ±20 degree vertical / ±90 degree horizontal adjustment
  • Vivid colour coded internal casings for easy visual alignment
  • Integrated ‘sound check’ tone generator and ‘monitor output’
  • Advanced synchronization - stack more TAKEX sensors than ever before
  • IP65 housing


PXB-100ATC shown with optional ER-02 Wireless Alignment tool


  • Specifications
  • Downloads

Model PXB-100ATC
Product type Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Detection system Near infrared beam interruption system (4 beams simultaneous interruption or upper/lower 2 beams interruption)
Infrared beam Double modulation pulsed beam by infrared LED
Protection distance Outdoor 100m (330ft) or less
Indoor 200m (660ft) or less
Max. beam range Outdoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
Indoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
Response time OR gated : upper 2 beams and lower 2 beams simultaneous interruption 0.05sec.
upper 2 beams interruption or lower 2 beams interruption : 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.5 sec. (selectable)
AND gated : upper 2 beams and lower 2 beams simultaneous interruption 0.05sec.
Supply voltage 12V to 30VDC (Non-polarity)
Current consumption Transmitter : 27mA / Receiver : 48mA
Alarm output Dry contact output : N/C or N/O selectable
Contact action : Interruption time (min. 2 sec)
* During the synchro signal down, alarm signal output continuously
Capacity : AC/DV30V 1A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Environmental output Dry contact output : N/C or N/O selectable
Action : activated when weather condition worsens
Capacity : AC/DC30V 1A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Tamper output Dry contact output : N/C
Action : activated when cover is detached
Capacity : AC/DC30V 0.1A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Alarm LED Red LED (only Receiver) ON : when an alarm is initiated
Attenuation LED Red LED (only Receiver) ON : when beam is attenuated
Functions Modulated beam frequency selection
Tone indicator
Environmental module
Beam power selection
Transmitting power adjustment
Programmed AGC
Synchro timing selection
Auto-gain lock function
Monitor jack
Response time adjustment
Alarm output selection
Environment output selection
Upper / Lower beam switch
Wireless Alignmnet Checker connecting function
Beam Adjustment
Horizontal : ±90° / Vertical : ±20°
Ambient temperature range -35°C to +66°C (-31°F to +151°F)
Mounting positions Outdoor, Indoor
Wiring Terminals
Weight Transmitter : 1400g (49oz)
Receiver : 1470g (51.5oz)
Appearance PC resin (wine red)
Accessory Pole attachment, Anti-bird spike, Screws, Instruction manual

Instruction Manual