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Class leading color matching sensor for LED illumination inspection. Identify RGB composition values and brightness with high resolution. Differentiate the variation of white LEDs in brightness and color composition.

  • Identifies the color proportion and brightness of LEDs by analysing light into three primary colors; red, green and blue
  • Equipped with two seperate outputs for RGB composition values and brightness
  • Resolving power: 0.01% color proportion and 0.1% brightness



Detection Method Model Operation Mode Output Mode Power Supply
Fiber type
Identifying RGB
composition values
CST-R80 Single color
teaching, double
NPN open
collector output
12-24 VDC
CST-R80PN PNP open
collector output


Optional Parts

Product Name
Dedicated fiber optic cable
Light reception adjustment unit



  • Two separate outputs for color composition and brightness
  • Digital display for color composition and brightness
  • Independent tolerance for color composition and brightness
  • Dual teaching
  • Fiber optic unit (FT105BC-CS sold separately)
  • Light attenuator unit (CS-ND sold separately)



  • Specifications

Models CST-R80 CST-R80PN
Detection method RGB color composition / Brightness (RGB light receiving element
Resolution color composition: 0.1% Brightness: 0.1%
Power supply 12-24 VDC ±10% / Ripple 10% or less
Current consumption 50mA or less
Teaching standard color
1 color
2 output
(Output 1: Color (RGB) value / Output 2: Brightness)
External input for teaching No voltage input (contact / no contact)
Output mode NPN open collector output
Sink current 50mA (DC30V) or less
residual voltage : 2V
PNP open collector output
Source current 50mA (DC30V) or less
residual voltage : 2V
Operation mode
Conformity On or Off selectable
Time delay Selectable between On delay, Off delay and timer disabled
Delay time : 250ms fixed
Response time 50ms or less when lights up / 100ms or less when lights down *1
Indicator Operation indicator : "OP" LED lights when output is ON
Level indicator : "H" LED ights when light intensity is excessive
Level indicator : "L" LED lights when light intensity is not enough
Display 1 orange digit indicator + 3 red digit indicator
Switches (+),(-) Push button switch: select Mode/teaching/change setting value/select channel
Selec switch: select RUN/SELECT/SET
Circuit protection Short circuit protection
Materials Polycarbonate
Connection Cable type (outer dimension: dia 3.7mm) 0.2mm² 5 cores 2m (black)
Approx. 60g (including 2m cable and bracket)
Mounting bracket, operation manual

*1. Detection becomes possible one second after the sensor is powered on. The response time varies, depending on the environment such as light intensity. Fiber optical cables are separately available. Recommended fiber optical cable: FT105BC-CS, recommended distance: 5mm


Environmental Specification

Ambient light 1000 lx or less (must be stable)
Ambient temperature
+10 - +40℃
Humidity 35-85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structure
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude /
2 hours each in 3 directions
Shock 500m/s² / 3 times each in 3 directions