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TAKEX America Inc.
4/15 Howleys Road, Notting Hill, VIC 3168
Background Suppression / DX-S Series

DX-S Series


Phase Differential Detection achieves 3m detection range with high accuracy and reliability. Color or glossy surface of objects are of no concern.

Phase Differential Detection
Calculates the distance to an object by measuring the time that the PE beam takes to travel between the sensor and the object. Regardless of the color, shape or material the sensor maintains complete accuracy even for mirror type objects.

Multi-beam Composition
Wide detection area with multi-beam composition (3/5 optical axis) ensures reliable detection even across a curved surface. Unnecessary beam(s) can be disabled. (DX-S35F)

3m Long Detection Range
Accurate, safe and low cost sensor covers long distance by using an LED for light source.



Type Detecting distance Model Operation mode Output mode Power supply
Multi beam
5 optical zones
0.1-3m DX-S35F Light ON PhotoMOS
Multi beam
5 optical zones



  • Wide detection area, using multi-beams (five or three optical zones)
  • DX-S35F provides high degree of freedom because of wide detection area and detection area setting function
  • Not influenced by color, shape or surface gloss of detection object
  • Equipped with mutual interference prevention for connecting up to four units



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