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4/15 Howleys Road, Notting Hill, VIC 3168
Hot Metal Sensors / FD-A320 Series

FD-A320 Series


The FD-A320 series are fiber radiation photo sensors (HMD) which can directly detect infrared energy radiated from heated materials such as heated steel.

  • Dual digital display for received infrared intensity and threshold level
  • Temperature mode selection (High/Low) achieves wide temperature coverage
  • Equipped with highly reliable hermetically sealed Bestact relay (FD-A320H)
  • Analog output proportional to receiving IR intensity enables better traceability or line monitoring (4-20mA)
  • Accepts AC100-240V allowing for universal use
  • Compatible with all FD300A/FD600A accessories


Amplifier unit

Detects and amplifies the infrared light transmitted with the fiber optic cable for output.Provided with cable with connector (standard length: 2m).

Control output Model
Mini power relay output / photoMOS output FD-A320
Bestact relay output / photoMOS output FD-A320H


Optical Head

The optical head detects infrared radiation from heated materials and condenses into a fiber optic cable. Standard, wide and narrow view types are available according to the intended detection field of view.

Type Model Field of View (FOV)
Standard View OHA
Wide View OHW1 OHW1 FOV
Narrow View Parallel View OHAN
Spot View OHAN10



The hood prevents dirt from adhering to the optical head lens and cuts out external light. Choose between airless and air purge hoods.

Type Optical Head Hood Length
Airless hood Standard View OHA F38A 120mm
F38A-02 200mm
F38A-03 300mm
F38A-04 400mm
F38A-05 500mm
Wide View OHW1 OHW2 F38W 200mm
Air Purge Hood Standard View OHA F38PC-02 200mm
F38PC-03 300mm
F38PC-04 400mm
F38PC-05 500mm
Wide View OHW1 OHW2 302W ---


Fiber optic cable

The light guide that transmits infrared light captured with the optical head into the amplifier. Flexible tube with a stainless steel braid is used as the covering.

Length Model
2m FG2
3m FG3
4m FG4
5m FG5
7m FG7
10m FG10
15m FG15
20m FG20
30m FG30



  • Double screen displaying threshold and receiving light intensity
  • Current output of 4-20mA
  • One sensor measures high and low temperatures
  • Simulation function