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    Model FS-3000E
    Detection system Ultraviolet rays detection
    (detected wave length 180~260nm)
    Detection distance 10m (33ft) max. (7cm flame)
    Detection angle Approx. 120 degrees (conically)
    Detection timer 0.2secs, 1sec, 6secs, 30secs.
    Power supply Type-3 alkaline battery (LR6) x2 (3V) - included
    Lithium battery (CR17450E-R-2-CM2) x1 (3V) - optional
    Power consumption Standby: 70μA or less
    Alarm: 300mA or less (at max. volume)
    Battery life Type-3 alkaline battery: approx. 2 years (at standby)
    Lithium battery: approx. 5 years (at standby)
    LED (red) LED alarm: blinking during message output
    Low battery: light on 0.1 sec every 5 sec.
    Message output Operation: output warning message when detecting flames
    Message selection: 4 options (English, Spanish, French, Italian)
    Volume: mute - 80dB or more at 1m (3.3ft) ahead
    External output NPN open collector output
    30V (DC) 50mA, one-shot operation (ON when outputting)
    Output time: same as message output time
    Wiring Terminals
    Ambient temperature -10°C to +60°C (+14°F to +140°F)
    (battery performance may decrease below 0°C and above 40°C
    Installation Indoor (ceiling or wall mount)
    Weight Approx. 230g (8.1oz)
    Appearance ABS resin (white)
    Supplied accessories · Battery case (Type-3): 1pc
    · Type-3 alkaline battery (LR6): 2pcs
    · Sensor locking screw: 1pc
    · Tapping screw: 2pcs

    Instruction Manual