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TAKEX America Inc.
4/15 Howleys Road, Notting Hill, VIC 3168
DC Sensors / GA Series - Self Teaching

GA Series - Self Teaching


GA Self Teaching Sensors.









Detection Method Detecting Distance Model LED Operation mode
Polarization reflective type 0.1 to 3M GA-M3R GA-M3RPN RED Light-on/Dark-on
Diffuse reflective type 500mm GN-R30C GN-R30CPN
Reflective Plastic Bottle type 0.1 to 1M GN-T10CR GN-T10CRPN

Please Note: The following specifications are common to all models:
• Input voltage 12-24VDC.
• Output of 100mA/30VDC max



K-7 Reflector 60 x 40.5 detect 0.1 to 3M
K-71 Reflector 42.5 x 23 detect 0.1 to 1.8M
GA-B1 Horizontal mounting Bracket
GA-B2 Vertical mounting Bracket
G-MSB1 Side on Protective cover (base mount)
G-MTBI Side on Protective cover (rear mount)
G-MTB2 Head on Protective cover (base mount)
K-MT4 35 X 35mm minute object reflector 1.0 to 7M range


  • Simple operation of just pressing button
  • Single touch can make adjustment for transparent object with high transmission
  • Optical system capable of fine detection of transparent objects employed
  • Reflector exclusively for transparent container detection
  • Tarnish-proof reflector especially designed for transparent objects employed
  • Equipped with inverter light suppression circuit
  • Faulty operation under inverter fluorescent lamps prevented
  • IP 67 water resistance allowing washing



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