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Hot Metal Sensors / HD Series

HD Series


The HD Series HMDs are radiation detection photo sensors with separate amplifiers that have achieved compact sizes and low cost.

HD301 and 601 are intended for sites where temperature in the vicinity of the receiver is up to 50 or 70 °C and available in models for low temperature and medium/high temperature. Applications include detection of presence or passage of heated steel material, glass, etc.

HD400 and 502F are optical fiber type sensors with ultrasmall heads.
Applications include detection of heated steel material, glass, etc.



Amplifier, Sensor and Fiber Optic Cable Combinations


Amplifier Optical Sensor Fiber Optic Cable

Output Method-Response time

Model Temperature Mode Model Temperature

Mini power relay output to
5A/250VAC Max-approx. 15 mS

HD301 Low Temperature Setting Cord Connection Type 350 °C Min.
HD601 Medium/High
Temperature Setting
650 °C Min.
HD400 - GT205 430 °C Min.
GT21 440 °C Min.
GT22 460 °C Min.
GT23 490 °C Min.
HD502 - 70mm fixed 550 °C Min.


Optical Head Field of View explained

  The Field of View (FOV) can be a critical parameter in the selection process to maintain reliable object detection. If the object to be detected fills or overfills the FOV, there is no issue with repeatable detection or Minimum Resolveable Temperature (MRT).

When calculating your best fit; please note the correlation to distance, as relates to the FOV within the cone sensed by the system.


Type Model Field of View (FOV)
Standard View HD400



  • The HD Series offers the lowest cost of all HMDs. Amplifiers are separately installed and no water cooling is involved.
  • The HD Series sensors come with Airless hood for prevention of soiling of lens.
  • The HD 400 may be used in combination with heat resistant generic fiber optic cables, which improves the resistance to heat and electric safety of the sensing
  • head. Attaching a lens unit at the end extends the detecting distance.
  • HD502F is the lowest-cost model of HMD. The fiber optic cable covered with ΓΈ1.1 stainless tube allows focused detection of heated condition of electronic components or mechanical parts.
  • The Compact multifunctional amplifier (HDA300) has three flashing indicators to show the stability of the received light intensity level, Sensitivity adjustment volume and Relay output and voltage output options.


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