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Beam Tower Enclosures

As demand for more sophisticated security in today’s world is increasing, so too is the complexity of the intruder system.

Vast tower systems containing multiple beam-sets guard high-risk assets and critical infrastructure, and provide discrete, highly reliable site protection for large domestic, commercial, and industrial premises. Layered with CCTV systems to ensure reliable detection activation and camera positioning, they provide a fully integrated perimeter detection solution.

Our Beam Towers are available as attractive but rugged wall or floor-mounted units, in a choice of single- or double-sided options. Designed to frustrate and disrupt an intruder's attack timeline by disguising the number and position of beams, they provide a visual deterrent to discourage intrusion attempts in the first place, while detecting any breach of the perimeter to give you the time and intelligence needed to respond effectively.

Standard heights are 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m.

TAD Series
Double Sided Towers

TAD Series

Model Tower height Field of view Mounting position  
TAD-100 1m Double sided (360°) Floor mount
TAD-150 1.5m Double sided (360°) Floor mount
TAD-200 2m Double sided (360°) Floor mount
TAD-300 3m Double sided (360°) Floor mount
TAS Series
Single Sided Towers

TAS Series

Model Tower height Field of view Mounting position  
TAS-100 1m Single sided (180°) Floor mount
TAS-150 1.5m Single sided (180°) Floor mount
TAS-200 2m Single sided (180°) Floor mount
TAS-300 3m Single sided (180°) Floor mount
TAW Series
Wall Mount Towers

TAW Series

Model Tower height Field of view Mounting position  
TAW-100 1m Single sided (180°) Wall mount
TAW-150 1.5m Single sided (180°) Wall mount
TAW-200 2m Single sided (180°) Wall mount
TAW-300 3m Single sided (180°) Wall mount