Water-cooling heated material position detection sensor

HMPD801-EX Series

  • Water-cooling heated material position detection sensor
  • Provided with monitor and remote controlled sensitivity adjustment.
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HMPD801-EX Series

Model Connection Detection method Operation mode Output mode Power supply Response time  
HMPD801-EX Connector (twisted pair cable 5 m) CCD scanning Voltage output in proportion to position of radiation Analog voltage rating : 0-10 VDC ±5%, output impedance 4.7 kΩ
Control output rating : NPN open collector 2 outputs / Sink current 100 mA (30 VDC) or less
24VDC ±10% Ripple 10% or less 10ms

More Info

The HMPD801-EX Series senses infrared radiation from red-hot wire rod or bar steel and outputs the position of heated material in analog voltage.
Ideal for loop control.

  • Use of CCD system eliminates parts with limited service life such as motors or PBS cells, offering constantly stable detection and dramatic reduction of maintenance cost.
  • External control for sensitivity switching and monitor output for remote observation of received light intensity and slice levels are provided.
  • Easy-to-process static analog output eliminates the need for consideration of read timing, etc.
  • Finder convenient for adjustment is integrated, facilitating positioning.
  • Compact, lightweight and low cost.