Hot Material Position

HMPD Series

Best Suitable for Slack Detection and Loop Control of Hot Rolled Steel Bars / Wire Rods

  • Improved Detection Capability
  • Backwardly Compatible with Previous Model
  • Conforms to EU Directives
  • Easy Maintenance
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HMPD Series

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HMPD9000 Series | Product Showcase

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Best Suitable for Slack Detection and Loop Control of Hot Rolled Steel Bars / Wire Rods

HMPD9000 / 9001

Redesigned from the prior HMPD801-EX model but with more advanced technology, HMPD9000/9001 has improved detection performance without compromising its compatibility specifications. This enables detection of hot materials at a wider range of temperatures, now down to 680 ºC which the prior model could not detect.

Optimized optical system and electronics further clearly capture the bounding edges of hot materials, which also contributes to an improved accuracy in the actual position information of the bar materials and a faster response time, realizing even better loop control precision.

Improved Detection Capability

Detectable minimum temperature: 680 ºC
Approximately 18% increase in the detection range compared to our prior model (specified at 800ºC), meaning installation is now practical as part of downstream processes in which temperatures are lower.

Backward Compatible with our Prior Model

Compatibility assured; the prior model HMPD801-EX can be updated via a simple process.

Conforms to EU Directives

CE certificated, in response to user requests.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance, as there are no mechanical systems which require periodical replacement/inspection.

System Configuration

HMPD9001 (Units: mm)

Typical combination of air purge hood and dedicated metal mounting base (Units: mm)


Connector the PD801-H5 cable (5m in length, sold separately) to the sensor body.

The dedicated connector cable (PD801-H5) must be installed in a separate conduit (duct).
Install DC power source in a location within reach of the connector cable (5m). Do not extend the power cable.
To extend the input/output wire, use shielded twisted pair wire of at least 0.5mm² cross-sectional area and a terminal block for connection. The maximum extension distance is 500m.

Input / Output Circuit