Miniature Beams

PB-NS Series

Miniature Beams are designed for indoor installations where discretion and aesthetics are of paramount importance, perfect for covert protection of ATM machines, motor driven shutters, windows, and corridors, or for prestige applications such as museums, galleries, and showrooms.
Tiny flush-mounted sensor heads can be hidden in plain sight, for up to 10m / 33ft of invisible point-to-point protection.

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PB-NS Series

Model Type Detection distance Supply voltage Current consumption  
PB-4RNS Single Beam (Reflective) 4m / 13ft 10 - 30V DC 45mA
PB-4RTNS Twin Beam (Reflective) 4m / 13ft 10 - 30V DC 55mA
PB-10NS Single Beam 10m / 33ft 10 - 30V DC 45mA
PB-10TNS Twin Beam 10m / 33ft 10 - 30V DC 55mA


Miniaturised control box for easy installation
Sensor cord can be cut to length as required
Easy Installation
Supplied with flush mounting plates for sensor heads
Built-in Sensitivity Adjustment