Resistant to Inverter Light

NEF Series

  • Highly resistant to inverter noise as well as disturbing light including inverter fluorescent lamps or other light emitters
    Photo sensor ideal for use in places subject to:
    • Lighting including fluorescent and mercury lamps
    • Light emission of other photo sensors
    • Various types of intense light such as the installation on carriages and vehicles
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NEF Series

Model Detection method Detecting distance Output mode Operation mode Protective structure  
NEF-R50 Diffuse reflective 1m NPN/PNP Light ON IP66



60 x 40mm Reflector for Polarized Retroreflective models

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Even more ensured stable detection

Note: Do not use the pinhole plate and the interference immune filter at the same time.

Stable detection of small objects

Pinhole plate (optional)

Adjacent mounting of through beam type sensors

Interference immune filter (optional)


With mounting bracket provided attached