Wall Mount PIR

PA-450 Series

TAKEX Indoor Passive Infrared Sensors combine high performance optics and advanced circuitry with the highest grade components available.

The superior design of TAKEX Passive Infrared Sensors ensures peace of mind protection in even the most demanding of situations.

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PA-450 Series

Model Coverage Detection system Mounting position Supply voltage Current consumption  
PA-450EA Wide angle: 12m / 40ft PIR Wall 10 - 18V DC 25mA
PA-450PIA Wide angle: 12m / 40ft PIR w/ Pet immunity Wall 11 - 18V DC 25mA


High RFI and EMI immunity
Photo MOSFET relay for silent operation
Equipped with tamper and auto-reset memory
Creep zone eliminates dead-space below sensor (PA-450E only)
Adjustable coverage pattern to suit different mounting heights
Mode selector for easy setting adjustment



Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket