Car Detection


  • Distance-measuring presence detection sensor, which measures the distance to the floor with light and detects the presence of a car or other object
    • Car detection not affected by color or shape of cars
    • Embedded inviting lamp of large green LED (DX-S400 DX-S400L)
    • Quick response (0.2 sec or less in the passing mode)
    • No malfunction caused by air from a heater or airconditioner
    • Flexible settings possible with the mutual interference prevention function
    • Teaching with the dedicated remote control (the remote control, DX-RC, is available separately)
    • Operation mode, which is useful for maintenance of the inside of a car
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Model Detection method Installation height (from floor) Operation mode Output mode Power supply  
DX-S300W Presence/Motion detection 1 - 3m Presence/Motion detection Relay output 1c 12 - 24V DC
DX-S400 Diffuse reflective 1 - 4m Presence/Motion detection Relay output 1c 12 - 24V DC

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Dustproof sheet (Accessories)

Material : PC

Mounting plate DX-B3 (optional)

Material: PVC

Remote control (optional)

Wire as shown in the figure on the right. The tightening torque for the terminals has to be 0.6 N m max.
When extending the wiring, use cables with diameter of 0.9 mm or more, up to 120m when using 24VDC (40m when using 12VDC).

Detection area

The detection area may be different from this figure, depending on the shape of an object, what is worn by the person, approach speed, color or material of the floor, and so on.