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Industrial Sensors / NA Series - Industry Standard

NA Series - Industry Standard


AC/DC Power photo sensors were developed to make use of the available power and the majority of models are self-switching between AC and DC as well as self-regulating from 24 VDC to 240 VAC. These units provide relay output and may be used as direct inputs to various control mechanisms. Advanced circuitry allows for detection distances for up to 30 meters without the use of laser components. AC power allows for a wide range of applications such as car washes, exposed vehicle detection systems, conveyor detection in unusual environments such as frozen fish. This group comprises the most process flexible of all groups.






Detection Method Detection Distance Models Timer
Anti Interference
Filter type
Operation Mode Input Output
Polarization Reflective type 0.03 to 7M NA-M7R --- --- Light-On/ Dark-On Selectable 24 to 240VAC/DC
Relay Output 1a
NE-M7RF Provided ---
Diffused Reflective type NA-R10 --- ---
NA-R10F Provided ---
Through-beam type 10M NA-T20RA --- A
NA-T20RB --- B
NA-T20RFA Provided A
NA-T20RFB Provided B
20M NA-T20R --- ---
NA-T20RF Provided ---
30M NA-T30 --- ---
NA-T30F Provided ---

Please Note:
The Timer Function mentioned above has the following selectable options:
• Delay-On (Delay time is adjustable from 0.1 to 5 seconds)
• Delay-Off
• One-Shot
• Timer Disabled

There is no interference between models with "A" and "B" Filters.




Model Type Detection Distance Applicable Sensors Comments
AP35 Pin Hole Sticker For NA-T20R(F) it is
1M when using 3mm Dia.
3.5M when using 5mm Dia.
One sticker contains a 3mm Dia and a 5mm Dia hole.
K-71 Reflector 0.03 to 3.5M NA-M7R
S-510G 0.1 to 4M ---
JV7 Rubber Cable Bushing Compatible cable diameter 6 to 8 mm All Models ---




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