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TAKEX America Inc.
4/15 Howleys Road, Notting Hill, VIC 3168
DC Sensors / NE2 Series

NE2 Series


The NE2 series has been designed for use in as many different automation applications as possible - the long detection range makes it ideally suited to heavy industry.

  • Standard embedded long range amplifier type with a focus on basic functionality and high quality
  • Longest detecting distance in this category
    Through beam: 30m, 50m
    Polarized retroreflective: 8m
    Diffuse reflective: 1m
    Background suppression: 500mm, 700mm
  • Includes light emission inhibit function to aid operation check or start-up inspection (through beam type only)
  • IP67 protective construction
  • Polarized retroreflective and diffuse reflective types with mutual interference prevention (up to two sensors)
  • Polarizing filter (available separately) enables two sensors to be installed in close proximity (for NE2-T30R-2)
  • NPN/PNP dual output



Detection method Detecting distance Model (*) Output mode
Cable Connector
Through beam 50m NE2-T50-2 NE2-T50-J2 Open collector
dual output
(NPN/PNP output)
30m NE2-T30R-2 NE2-T30R-J2
Polarized retroreflective 0.05-8m NE2-M10R-2 NE2-M10R-J2
Diffuse reflective 1m NE2-R10-2 NE2-R10-J2
Background Suppression 70-700mm NE2-D70-2 NE2-D70-J2
70-500mm NE2-D50R-2 NE2-D50R-J2

(*) Models without suffix "-2" are available with reverse pin assignment for PNP and NPN output


Optional Accessories

Type Model Compatible Models Description
Pinhole plate NE2-P5 NE2-T50-2, NE2-T50-J2
NE2-T30R-2, NE2-T30R-J2
Pinhole dia. 5mm Detecting
may differ
NE2-P3 Pinhole dia. 3mm
NE2-P5x1 Pinhole dia. 5x1mm
Retroreflector K-8 NE2-M10R-2, NE2-M10R-J2 Detecting distance: 0.05-10m
K-71 Detecting distance: 0.05-40m
immune filter
NE2-PFA NE2-M10R-2, NE2-M10R-J2
detecting distance limited to 15m
Longitudinal polarizing filter
NE2-PFB Transverse polarizing filter
Mounting bracket NE-B1 All models For vertical mounting (SUS)
NE-B2 For mounting on the back (SUS)
NE-B1C For vertical mounting (SPCC)
NE-B2C For mounting on the back (SPCC)
Cable with connector FAC-D4R2S All connector type models
(two cables necessary when used for
transmitter and receiver)
M12 straight type (2m)
FAC-D4R5S M12 straight type (5m)
FAC-D4R2L M12 angle type (2m)
FAC-D4R5L M12 angle type (5m)



  • Through beam type : 30m and 50m
  • Retro reflector type : 8m
  • Diffuse reflective type : 1m
  • Enclosure protection : IP67