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With a mounting height up to 3.5m coupled with a creep zone of less than 1m, we can offer 30m x 30m high-density coverage (PIR-30WE) or 50m x 3m curtain coverage (PIR-50NE). Using the highest quality mirrored optics coupled with twin pyros, TAKEX offer the most professional long-range outdoor PIR’s to date.


  • High Quality Mirrored Optics coupled with Twin Pyros
  • Installation Height 2m to 3.5m (6.6' to 11.5')
  • Durable Weatherproof AES Resin Housing
  • Sensitivity Adjustment from 30% to 170%
  • Protective Hood to Deflect Rain/Sunlight and guard against Wildlife



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Model PIR-50NE
Detection system Passive infrared
Coverage Wide angle: 50m (165ft) max.
Sensitive zone 8 zones (16 beams)
Coverage adjustment Vertical: 10 degrees
Horizontal: ±5 degrees
Mounting position Indoor or outdoor wall
Supply voltage 9 to 30VDC (non-polarity)
Current consumption 25mA max.
Alarm output · Dry contact (semi-conductor) output (NC/NO)
· 24V (AC/DC) 0.25A (resistive load)
  (protective resistor 3.3Ω)
· Warm up: approx. 1 min. (no alarm condition)
· One-shot output at detection (approx. 2sec.)
· Continuously output when detecting low supply voltage
Tamper output · Dry contact output: (NC)
· 30V (AC/DC) 0.1A (resistive load)
· Tamper output: real time output
Alarm LED · Red LED
· Blinks during warm-up (approx. 1 min)
· One shot lights (approx. 2 secs) at detection
· Continuously lights when detecting low supply voltage
Functions · Low supply voltage alarm
· Tamper signal
· LED control (L/C)
· Alarm LED (ON/OFF)
· Sensitivity adjustable between 30% and 170%
Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C (+4°F to +122°F)
Wiring Terminals
Weight 1600g (56oz)
Appearance Body: ABS resin
Cover: PE resin
Accessory Waterproof grommet: 1pc
Tapping screw: 2pcs

Instruction Manual