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30m (66ft) Outdoor Battery Operated Flame Sensor for Wireless Systems

Wires are no longer necessary - substantially reduce installation costs!

High sensitivity flame sensor with ultra-low current consumption plays a crucial role for wireless fire-watching systems.


  • Detects ultraviolet rays contained in flames
  • Compatible with leading wireless transmitter models
  • Powered by DC3V (CR-123A) battery
  • Weatherproof construction suitable for outdoor use
  • H/L sensitivity settings
  • 4-stage detection timer (1, 6, 15 or 30 sec.)


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Model TX-124R
Detection system Ultraviolet rays detection
(detected wave length 180~260nm)
Detection area Distance
10m (33ft) max. (Gas flame of lighter in front of sensor approx. 7cm flame)
30m (100ft) max. (N-heptane flame on fire plate 15cm x 15cm approx. 60cm)
· Horizontal: approx. 100 degrees (60 degrees downward)
· Vertical: approx. 75 degrees (15 degrees upward)
Adjustment range 
· Horizontal 180 degrees by base unit
· Vertical 90 degrees
Sensitivity adjustment Sensitivity: H (100%), L (50%) (selectable)
Detection timer: 1sec, 6sec, 15sec, 30sec (selectable)
Supply voltage
(Red/Black wires) DC3V (CR-123A)
Current consumption Standby: 55μA max. / Detection: 1mA max.
Detection output (Blue/White wires)
Solid State Switch N.C, 3VDC 0.01A max.
Output when detecting ultraviolet, Real time + delay time 2 sec
Operation LED
Detection: Red LED
Real time + delay time 2 sec.
Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Installation Indoor/outdoor
Weight Approx. 510g (17.9oz)
Appearance Sensor part: PC resin (white)
Bracket: AES resin (white)
Supplied accessories · Tapping screw ∅6 x 30: 4pcs
· Battery holder (2 x CR-123A): 1pc
· Area mask seal: 1pc

Instruction Manual