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TAKEX America Inc.
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up to 25m up to 50m up to 75m up to 100m

The TXF-125E is a battery operated quad photoelectric beam sensor designed for compatibility with leading wireless systems; reducing the time and cost of permanent installations and allowing the use of Active Infrared Beams on rapid deployment or temporary installations. With 4 selectable frequencies, multiple beam sets can be used in both linear and stacked configurations without risk of crosstalk, further assisted by a transmitter power function that allows the user to set 25/50/75/100m zones.

Two 3.6V (17Ah) batteries can power each unit for approximately 5 years of service, and ±90° horizontal/±20° vertical adjustable optics cater for the most dynamic of terrains.


  • 4 x synchronised high power beams
  • 4 selectable operation ranges 25/50/75/100m
  • 4 selectable beam channels to prevent crosstalk
  • up to 5 year battery life using 2 x LS 33600 (3.6V 17Ah) batteries per unit
  • increased beam separation minimises nuisance alarms
  • vivid internal colour aids beam alignment procedure
  • ±90° horizontal ±20° vertical adjustable sensor heads
  • environmental monitoring circuit
  • IP65 housing



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Model TXF-125E
Detection system Near infrared pulsed beam interruption system (TR-RE 4 beam simultaneous interruption)
Infrared beam Single modulation pulsed beam by LED (near infrared beam light-emitting diode)
Protection distance Outdoor 330ft (100m) or less
Beam power setting 330ft (100m) / 245ft (75m) / 165ft (50m) / 82ft (25m)
Max. arrival distance 10 times (1000m)
Response time 0.05 sec, 0.10 sec, 0.25 sec, 0.5 sec
Battery SAFT: LS 33600 (or equivalent) 3.6V, 17Ah
Battery life Transmitter = Up to 5 years* (2 batteries)
Receiver = Up to 5 years* (2 batteries)
*Approximate, not guaranteed
Beam adjustment Horizontal: ±90°, Vertical: ±20°
Alarm LED Red LED (Receiver) ON: when an alarm is initiated
Attenuation LED Red LED (Receiver) ON: when an alarm is initiated
Ambient temperature range -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Functions Modulated beam frequency selection
Tone indicator
Repeat output
Monitor jack
Response time adjustment
Upper/Lower beam switch
Low battery indication
Wireless alignment checker connecting function
Battery saving function
Battery sharing
IP rating IP65
Mounting positions Outdoor, Indoor
Weight Transmitter: 1.5kg (without batteries), Receiver: 1.5kg (without batteries)
Appearance Cover: PC resin (Wine Red), Base: ASA resin (Black)

The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Instruction Manual