BGS/FGS Switchable

DLN Series (Infrared LED type)

Versatile BGS/FGS sensor with an Infrared LED light source

  • For specific applications
    • where an invisible light spot is preferable, such as automatic faucets or gaming machines.
  • For specific materials
    • that absorb visible red light.
  • BGS/FGS selectable
    • BGS: Background suppression
    • FGS: Background recognition (BGR)
  • NPN/PNP dual output
    • for more efficient inventory management.
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DLN Series (Infrared LED type)

Model Detecting distance Power supply Output mode Connection Protective structure  
DLN-S4V 10 - 100mm 12 - 24V DC NPN (Primary) Attached cable IP67
DLN-S20MV 10 - 200mm
20 - 300mm
12 - 24V DC NPN (Primary) Attached cable IP67

More Info

BGS/FGS switchable

BGS : Background suppression

  • The sensor doesn't detect objects or background being out of the setting distance.
  • This mode is suited for the detection of a target without background.

Detection principle

FGS: Background recognition: BGR (Foreground suppression)

  • The sensor recognizes a background and detects a target by sensing the change in received light intensity.
  • This mode is suitable for the detection of a target on a stable background.

Detection principle

NPN/PNP dual output

The dual output enables inventory management more efficient. Model numbers followed by "P" are PNP models for which PNP output is allocated to the primary (black/ PIN 4) output.

Unique optical design realizes better performance and long detection distance with the compact housing (Short range models)