IO-Link Dual Display


  • Smart solution with IO-Link technology
    • Intensify Productivity, Consistent Quality, Maximize Capacity Utilization
    • Visualize problems by IO-Link sensors and make smarter approach to ideal factory automation.
    • Wide range of applications
    • User-friendly operability with essential functions
    • PNP/NPN dual output and IO-Link communication
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Model Light source (wavelength) Response time Display Wiring Protective structure  
F85RN-ILP Red LED (660nm) H: 50 μs
S: 500 μs
L: 4 ms
4-digit Red + 4-digit Green LED M12 Connector IP40


F85RN-ILP | Product Showcase

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Improve Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs through IO-Link Technology

F85RN-ILP realizes high visibility in the field and visualizes various data through IO-Link.


Preventive Maintenance

being achievable with lesser man-hour by introducing smart sensor: F85RN-ILP.

F85RN-ILP: Essesntial fanctions with simple operability

Simple teaching using a single button

What is IO-Link

IO-Link is a point-to-point serial communication protocol between sensors and/or actuators.
TAKEX is a member of the International IO-Link Consortium to promote the IO-Link communication protocol due to its significant advantages for the industry.

IO-Link System

Flexible solution: IO-Link feature can be added only for a required part of your whole system.

* IODD file can be downloaded from TAKEX WEB site.
* What is IODD?
IODD (IO Device Description) file contains definitional information of a device including device identification, parameters, process data, communication properties and the design of the user interface. IODD file is provided by the device vendor and enables to set up a device by downloading the file. IO-Link Community has a multi-vendor database service for IODDs called IODDfinder.