Photoelectric Beams

Point-to-point infrared detection ideal for medium to long range perimeter intruder systems.


The cornerstone of any perimeter intruder system is the detection sensor, and active infrared beams have long been regarded as the pinnacle; balancing precise, dependable, long-range protection, with unrivalled reliability and catch performance in all outdoor environments.


50,000 lux Light Immunity

By combining a Double Modulated beam with a Tuning Amplifier and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) system, TAKEX Photoelectric Beam Sensors offer complete protection like no other.

Our patented use of these 3 technologies ensures unrivalled tolerance against direct & reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources.


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IP Integration

With the IP interface module our photoelectric beams are as easy as IP cameras to install and integrate with Video Management Systems.

Create powerful security solutions where recording starts automatically, cameras are directed to the location of intrusion and guards are alerted with detailed alarm information.

Only an ethernet cable from the product to the nearest PoE switch is required.