Instructional Video Series

We've created a series of handy insight videos into the correct and easy set-up of some of the most popular products in the TAKEX range.


PR-30BE is a 30m outdoor reflector beam which uses Time of Flight technology to determine detecting distance with unprecedented accuracy.

Watch as our Mike Burgess steps you through the optical alignment procedure of this rather unique sensor.


The PR-5B is a compact 5m indoor reflector beam, great for those applications where a beam-break is desirable but running cable to both ends is impractical.

This short instructional video shows just how quick and easy PR-5B is to install.

PB-TK / Beam Alignment

Even the simplest beams from TAKEX feature our patented ‘double modulation’ technology, for an unsurpassed immunity to sunlight and artificial light sources.

Here's a step-by-step video guide to aligning PB-TK series beams.

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The PB-IN-HFA series are the workhorse of our photoelectric beam sensors. By synchronising 16 paths between Transmitter and Receiver, they ensure maximum stability in any perimeter intruder environment. 

Learn beam alignment like a pro with the following instructional video by our very own Mike Burgess.

MS-12FE / 180° Detection

Providing up to 226m² of coverage, our Dual-Zone MS-12FE outdoor PIR requires simultaneous detection across horizontal and downward zones for alarm, giving an unparalleled immunity to unwanted activations from animals.

Configure MS-12FE for 180° detection with this quick video guide.

MS-12FE / Wall Detection

Proving ever-versatile, MS-12FE can also be configured for window or wall detection in just a few short steps...