29 Jul 2021


Now that we have your attention... the PR-5B is a deceptively simple and reliable device, and yet we get more calls for help for this model than any other...

Why? Because people assume they know how to install it. Here's the trick... take it out of the box and ignore the 2 screws you are itching to remove... on the back you'll find a snap-out cover, pop it off to reveal your wiring terminals.

Once you've connected the power and alarm pair, don’t try and test it, install it where it needs to be, and fit the reflector where it needs to be; 99% of these are put into applications like doorways, where you have parallel walls, so it should be simple enough to put the reflector directly opposite the beam.

Now it’s installed, power it up... count to three… and watch it work. It’s a leap of faith, but it will work.

Still PR-oving PR-oblematic?

We've created this short instructional video just for you...

Before picking up the phone...

PR-5B installed but the relay's not switching?