Fiber type / HMD

FD-A310C Series

  • Focus on basic functions for low cost
  • Compact, lightweight amplifier
  • Flexible heat resistant fiber optic cables
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FD-A310C Series

Model Output mode Control output Protective structure  
FD-A310C Relay output Light ON/Dark ON
Rating: 1c 5A 250VAC
Response time: 10ms
FD-A310CM Photo MOS relay output Light ON/Dark ON
Rating: 1a 80mA 250VAC/DC
Response time: 5ms

More Info

FD-A310 C series are hot metal detectors (HMDs) that directly detect infrared radiation from heated glass or steel.
Glass fiber optic cables with high heat resistance and transmission factor are used for detecting heads, which transmit the detected infrared rays to amplifiers that amplifies the signals for output.
Two output types are available: mini power relay output and photo-MOS relay output for AC/DC control.

Amplifier unit

Fiber optic cable

Optical head

FD-A310C (Relay output type)

FD-A310CM (Photo MOS relay output type)

Detection field of view (mm)