Water-cooled CMD

KL(R)50 Series

  • Long distance (50 m) detection with high sensitivity
  • Compact, robust and inexpensive
    Operating temperature: -10 to +150°C
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KL(R)50 Series

Model Output type Rating Response time Protective structure  
KLR50 Relay output 1c 0.5A 200VAC 25ms IP66
KLR50E Voltage output 5mA 10VDC 5ms IP66

More Info

The KL(R)50 Series sensors are through beam type CMDs that output ON-OFF signals by detecting blocking of light by the detected object that passes between the transmitter and receiver.
For receivers, relay output and voltage output types are available depending on the output mode.

  • Compact, low cost
    Streamlined design provides the smallest size and lowest cost of all water cooled, amplifier built in type sensors
  • Robust and light weight case
    Robust case capable of withstanding severe operating conditions such as heat, water and shock also offering light weight is employed.
  • Fully prepared for external light disruption
    Unique circuitry ensures stable operation and high reliability under red-hot steel material of over 1,000 C
  • Excellent stability
    Received optical output about ten fold of operation level at detecting distance of 50 m ensures detection even with minor soiling of lens or in adverse environment.
  • Optical sight convenient for alignment
    Both transmitter and receiver are provided with optical sight that facilitates optical axis alignment
  • Attachable airless dust hood or air purge hood
    Different types of airless dust hoods and air purge hoods are available for prevention of soiling of lens, etc.


With Airless hood F38S Series attached

With Airless hood F38N attached

With air purge hood attached

Control output