Steel rod detection Light Curtain Sensors

SST300 Series

  • A variety of options for harsh environment, such as high temperature (up to 80℃) or dust!
  • High performance detecting φ15 mm object allowing detection of bar steel and pipe
    • Fully synchronized scanning
    • Infrared light beams with high penetrating power allow use in adverse environment
    • Light reception indicator for simple optical axis alignment
    • Special power unit available for use with AC power supply in addition to direct operation with DC power supply
    • Wide variation of detecting widths: 150/310/470/630/950 mm
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SST300 Series

Model Detection method Detecting distance Detecting width No. of light axes  
SST316 Through beam 2m 150mm 16
SST332 Through beam 2m 310mm 32
SST348 Through beam 2m 470mm 48
SST364 Through beam 2m 630mm 64
SST396 Through beam 2m 950mm 96

More Info

Only receiver is shown in the figure as an example.
With transmitter, orientation of mounting bracket is reversed.

Controller for SST300 series