Punch hole detection sensor


  • For single and double hole detection
  • Self-check feature integrated
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Model Detecting distance Effective detecting width Response time Protective structure  
SWD60 250-1000mm 470mm 30ms IP66

More Info

  • Differentiation between single and double holes
    One set of sensor is capable of differentiation between single and double holes, generating various types of output signals
  • Simple optical axis alignment
    When light is fully received (nothing in the detection area between the transmitter and receiver), the AMP gain of the receiver is reduced to about 1/10 of the ordinary detection of punch holes. When the optical axis is aligned in this condition, the SAFETY lamp on the receiver is illuminated.
  • Self check feature
    The transmitter is provided with light emission monitor circuit, which checks for any abnormality in light emission and outputs alarm signal accordingly. The receiver allows external checking of whether it is functioning normally.
    When light is fully received, the AMP gain of the receiver is automatically reduced to about 1/10. If the receiver detects full light reception in this condition, the SAFETY lamps on the receiver and controller are illuminated, indicating that the received light intensity level has a margin of more than tenfold.

Air purge unit or water cooling jacket can be optionally attached to the transmitter and receiver.

Air purge unit: model AP60ET (for transmitter), AP60ER (for receiver)
Water cooling jacket: model WJ60E (for transmitter/receiver)

Edge processing feature available (separate model)

For plate width narrower than effective detecting width of the sensor, receiver provided with an edge processing feature is available.
Receiver model: SWD60RE (Effective detection width 390mm at Edge processing)

With air purge unit and water cooling jacket attached

With air purge unit attached

With water cooling jacket attached

Controller SWD60B With case

Controller SWD60B Without case