Punch hole detection sensor


  • For single hole detection
  • High sensitivity provides reliable detection of φ8mm hole
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Model Detecting distance Effective detecting width Response time Protective structure  
SWD55L SWD55R 400-1000mm 300mm 25ms IP66

More Info

  • Excellent reliability
    High performance characterized by the smallest detectable hole diameter of 8 mm and margin in operation of over 30 times as much as operation level for transmitter and receiver circuits ensures detection even with minor soiling of lens.
  • Easy optical axis alignment
    Transmitter and receiver are provided with devices exclusively for optical axis alignment and lamps are illuminated when the optical axis is aligned, facilitating accurate alignment.
  • Superb vibration and waterproofing
    Case and structure time-tested in press safety sensors are employed for transmitter and receiver, withstanding adverse environment.
  • Streamlined circuit design has further reduced power consumption.
    Unitization of transmitter and receiver has achieved about 50% reduction of size from the conventional model.
  • Air purge hood or water cooling jacket can be attached as required.

Controller SWD55B With case

Controller SWD55B Without case