Detection sensors, much like our own sensory systems, are designed to convert data from the outside world into signals for processing.

If CCTV were the eyes, then detection sensors would be the touch, taste, and smell, collaborating to relay real-time situational data for a PSIM brain to act upon, giving the time and intelligence needed to respond effectively, or even prevent damage or theft from occurring entirely.


Perimeter security is your first line of defence, designed to monitor large areas of space and accurately detect the unauthorised breach of a property boundary, it adds distance, time, and scale to your system.


Approach is the area between the perimeter boundary and the property or asset. Designed to track the movement of an intruder that has breached the perimeter, it can be used to confirm intent and provide the intelligence necessary to act upon or neutralise any subsequent move.


Proximity is the final layer, aimed at detecting any attempt by an intruder to gain access to the building or asset, including entry through windows, doors, walls, and even the roof.


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