New Product: TXF-125DM

09 Aug 2021

Battery Operated Wireless Ready Quad Beam Sensor with Double Modulation

UK, August 09. 2021 - TAKEX EUROPE LIMITED are pleased to announce the launch of their next generation battery operated Quad beam designed to be compatible with all leading wireless systems, reducing the time and cost of permanent installations and allowing the use of Active Infrared Beams on rapid deployment temporary installations.

"After extensive efforts, our R&D department have achieved what was impossible just a few short years ago"

Originally based on the PXB Professional Beam Series and then the TXF-125E, the new TXF-125DM offers a number of key advantages when Active Infrared Beams (AIR’s) are employed and with Double Modulation the light immunity is now greatly enhanced. The wide beam pitch ensures stability and reduces the possibility of unwanted activations from wildlife and detritus, and the IP65 design ensures integrity regardless of the installation conditions, preventing ingress from water, dust and insects whilst allowing moisture within to evaporate, prohibiting condensation.

The 4-channel selection allows the stacking of beams, and also the use of multiple beams on linear installations, further assisted by a transmitter power selection option, allowing the user to choose 25/50/75/100m zone length. Vivid body colours coupled with Dual Ring Gun Sights both facilitate faster alignment, aided by the audible monitor tone.

Using 4 batteries in the TX and 2 in the RX approximately 3 years of service is expected, TXF-125DM includes a Battery Sharing Function to allow battery monitoring with an adjustable output to customise the warning notification time.

Attention to detail has always been synonymous with the TAKEX brand, and the TXF-125DM exemplifies this, with features including a Drip-Proof housing designed to channel precipitation away from the optical face of the beam, Anti-bird Spikes to prevent our feathered friends from alighting on the units, and ±90° horizontal ±20° vertical adjustable heads to cater for the most dynamic of terrains, the TXF-125DM has it covered.
Key Specifications:

  • 4 selectable operation ranges 25/50/75/100m
  • 4 selectable frequencies to allow multiple use
  • Up to 3 year battery life using 6 x LS 33600 (3.6V 17Ah) batteries total
  • IP65 housing
  • ±90° horizontal ±20° vertical adjustable heads
  • Wide beam pitch

28 Jun 2021

New Product: MX-12FAMD

The new 12m x 180° triple detection outdoor PIR + Microwave sensor with anti-masking technology.


What if you can't get power to one end of a zone, or it's too expensive or time consuming to do so?


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