Riots in France: UV Sensors integrated with CCTV

03 Aug 2023

"On the night of Friday, June 30, the Jean-Macé library in Metz, northeastern France, caught fire and burned to the ground in two hours. Nearly 110,000 documents went up in smoke.

The evening before, in Marseille (southern France), the Alcazar theater, converted into a public library in 2004, was the target of attempted arson.

In Cergy-Pontoise, a suburb northwest of Paris, rioters attempted to set fire to the UGC cinema on the night of June 28.

Similar incidents were reported on the nights of June 28 and 29, at the libraries of Rillieux-la-Pape and Vaulx-en-Velin, two suburbs of Lyon."

Le Monde: Published July 7, 2023


Most fire systems are designed to detect and suppress already established fires, but what if you had the opportunity to mitigate a fire risk before it escalates into a blaze?
Our range of hardwired and battery-operated UV sensors target fire prevention; designed to hook into your existing intruder system they bring accurate, immediate attention to the use of cigarette lighters, matches, and other open-flame incendiary devices, whether of innocent or malicious intent.
Our FS-5000E UV Sensor is perfect for school/university toilets, agricultural fuel and oil tanks, gas cylinder storage, and safeguarding storefronts and businesses from riotous crowds or arson attacks.


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