Output conversion unit


  • Possible to use sensors with different outputs at the same time!
  • Easily convert NPN output to PNP output!
    • Ultra compact unit, and possible to use like a cable
    • Unit to convert NPN to PNP
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Model Connection Output mode Power supply  
PN-7300 Attached cable(outer diameter: dia. 2.8 mm)
0.15mm^2 x 3cores,
500mm(input side), 2000mm(output side)
PNP open collector output
Source current 80mA 30 VDC or less
12 - 24VDC ±10% Ripple10% or less

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Major use

  • Adjustment of input and output for peripheral devices made by foreign manufacturers
  • Helpful for maintenance or standardization of equipment

  • This product is not provided with short circuit protection.
    A short circuit may damage output transistors. Please be careful.


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