Battery Operated


The TXF-125E-KH is a battery operated quad photoelectric beam sensor for use in TA series Beam Towers, designed for compatibility with leading wireless systems; reducing the time and cost of permanent installations and allowing the use of Active Infrared Beams on rapid deployment or temporary installations.

With 4 selectable frequencies, multiple beam sets can be used in both linear and stacked configurations without risk of crosstalk, further assisted by a transmitter power function that allows the user to set 25/50/75/100m zones.

Two 3.6V (17Ah) batteries can power each unit for approximately 5 years of service, and ±90° horizontal/±20° vertical adjustable optics cater for the most dynamic of terrains.


Requires TAKH ‘Quick-fix’ mounting brackets for fast, trouble-free installation; the beam units locate in vertical slide-channels in the TA tower spine, allowing easy and precise height adjustment.

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Model Type Detection distance Frequency Selection IP Rating Supply voltage Current consumption Battery Life  
TXF-125E-KH Quad Beam 100m / 330ft 4 Channels N/A 3.6VDC
(4x SAFT LS33600)
750μA 5 years


4 x Synchronised high power beams
Four selectable operation ranges 25/50/75/100m
4 x Selectable beam channels to prevent crosstalk
Up to 5 year battery life using 2 x LS33600 (3.6V 17Ah) batteries per unit
Use up to 4 batteries per unit for extended battery life (up to 10 years)
Vivid internal colour aids beam alignment procedure
±90° horizontal ±20° vertical adjustable sensor heads
Environmental monitoring circuit
Designed for use in TA series Beam Towers



Mounting brackets for Beam Tower installation (PAIR)


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