PIR PIR-30/50 Series
High-Mount PIR

PIR-30/50 Series

With a mounting height up to 3.5m coupled with a creep zone of less than 1m, we can offer 30m x 30m high-density coverage (PIR-30WE) or 50m x 3m curtain coverage (PIR-50NE).

Using the highest quality mirrored optics coupled with twin pyros, TAKEX offer the most professional long-range outdoor PIR’s to date.

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PIR-30/50 Series

Model Coverage Detection system Mounting height IP Rating Supply voltage Current consumption  


High quality mirrored optics coupled with twin pyros
Installation height 2m to 3.5m (6.6' to 11.5')
Durable weatherproof AES resin housing
Sensitivity adjustment from 30% to 170%
Protective hood to deflect rain/sunlight and guard against wildlife


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