Ceiling Mount PIR

PA-6600 Series

PA-6600 series is a novel approach to the issue of false alarms and pet tolerance in PIR motion detectors. Through the use of “Twin Dual-Element” mirror optic sensors, we've created ceiling mount detectors with no equal in the security industry.

Using “non-linear” mirror adjustment technology, PA-6600 series ensure maximum performance over a given area on ceilings up to 6m. Twin PIR’s are not new but Twin-Mirror-Non-Linear PIR’s are. With “rock solid” performance, PA-6600 series offers installers the opportunity to virtually eliminate false alarms from the toughest of environments.

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PA-6600 Series

Model Coverage Detection system Mounting position Supply voltage Current consumption  
PA-6614E Wide angle: 14m / 46ft Twin mirror PIR Ceiling 7 - 30V DC 8mA


Unique twin mirror and two twin pyro optics for high discriminating capability
Accurately detects human intrusion whilst rejecting nuisance alarms from small animals
Geared mirror array ensures maximum performance regardless of mounting height up to 6m (PA-6614E)
Detachable base unit with snap-in/out sensor design for easy installation
Photo MOSFET relay for silent operation
High RFI and EMI immunity



Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket


Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket (Black)


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