Power unit


  • Compact size
  • IP1F: Integrated multifunctional timer (0.1-10s variable, on delay/off delay/one shot)
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Model Connection Operation mode Output mode Power supply Response time  
IP1F Plug in terminal block (3.5 mm screws) ON-OFF Relay output 1c Rating : 5A (250VAC) or less resistive load
Voltage output Rating : Output impedance 1 KΩ (12VDC)
100VAC・110 / 200V・220V ±10% 50 / 60Hz Sensor input: Relay output 25 ms or less
Voltage output 0.5 ms or less
External gating input: Voltage output 5 ms or less

More Info

Input Circuit

  • Setting the input operation reverse switch to NORMAL activates the output relay when the input signal is activated (ON).
    Setting the switch to INVERTING activates the relay when the input signals is deactivated (OFF).

Output Circuit

External Gating

  • Closing (12) and (13) disables the internal circuit.
  • When not using external gating, leave them open.


Terminals (12) and (13) compose an external gating circuit. The internal circuit functions when they are open.


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