Glass substrate detection

ASW Series

  • Collective detection of transparent glass substrates
    • Glass substrates immediately after vapor deposition detectable as long as surface is glossy
    • Mirror-like objects such as stainless steel plates also detectable
  • Adaptable to suit each situation including detected object count and pitch
  • Each sensor unit independently replaceable
    • If sensor unit for 1 ch is damaged due to shock, etc., the damaged sensor unit can be independently replaced therefore no need to replace the entire sensor.
  • Can be customized for a specific glass cassette
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ASW Series

Model Detection method Detection object No. of channels Detecting distance  
ASW-R06D4228 Diffuse reflective Transparent glass 28 2 - 20mm

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ASW is a series of diffuse reflective type sensors exclusively for glass substrates that detect liquid crystal glass or transparent substrates. An optical system especially designed for glass surface reflection is integrated that reliably detects warped or inclined glass. Operating distance is variable with the sensitivity adjustment provided.



NPN output

Connector External Connection

* Models with up to 30 channels are available on request. Contact Takex for details.


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