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PB-HF/KH Case Study

We were contacted by CSG Fire and Security for advice on a new installation they where commencing where reliability in a harsh environment was paramount...

CSG had already made the decision that due to the poor environmental conditions, active infrared beams would be the preferred choice as external PIR's would simply not be suitable. Other factors also influenced the decision in favour of Takex beams: "With the movement of the jetty and exposure to direct and reflected sunlight, we needed a detector that would be both reliable and dependable" explained Jerry Rowland of CSG. After discussing the project requirements at length, we set about modifying our flagship HF series Quad beam and arrived at the PB-HF/KH, enhanced specifically to withstand the harsh marine environment.

All Takex point-to-point beams are double modulated, meaning the infrared signal sent between the transmitter and receiver is interlaced at two frequencies and therefore cannot be replicated naturally. This - combined with our patented tuning amplifier and phase lock loop system - gives an unsurpassed immunity to direct and reflected sunlight and vehicle headlights. Together with an environmental module for monitoring adverse weather conditions, the KH beams ensure fantastic reliability without compromising protection.

Housing the beams is almost as important as choosing the correct beam itself. With the very nature of this installation the housing needed to be robust, strong, have high resistance to sunlight and remain simple to install. Our PT series double-sided beam towers feature a black anodized aluminium chassis to provide a significant degree of weather and oxidation resistance. The outer shielding is constructed from polycarbonate rather than Perspex, giving an increased resistance to impact, and providing a long lasting durability when exposed to sunlight.

After returning to site to speak with Jerry about the installation and see how the system had stood up to the recent spell of great British weather, Jerry enthused "I am so pleased with how this installation has gone. At the beginning of the installation the guys from Takex came down and ran through a few things with me and from then on it's been plain sailing! The job was completed just over a month ago and we have had not one false alarm, which did surprise me considering the recent unsettled weather. I am really happy with the service and product Takex has provided, I'm even getting additional works from other customers in the marina on the back of this. I will look forward to working with Takex again in the future."