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KD-150C is extremely compact and low-cost for an amplifierintegrated water-cooled sensors. KD150C directly detects infrared radiation and outputs ON-OFF signals, which is useful in applications such as detection of passage or position of red-hot steel materials including ingots, slabs, steel plates and mold steel.

The KD-150C Water Cooled hot metal detector has the following features:

  • The smallest of water-cooled sensors with built-in amplifiers and enclosed in a robust case that can withstand severe operating conditions.
  • Reasonably priced and streamline in design the KD-150C is a High performance Detector with the capability to detect steel materials with a temperature as low as 150°C (minimum).
  • Performance comparable to full-size HMDs with a Long detecting distance, sensitivity adjustment feature and high sensitivity which offers excellent stability.
  • Attachable airless dust hoods and air purge hoods prevent the build-up of dirt deposits on the lens.


Type Model Length
Airless hood F38S 120mm
F38S-03 300mm
F38S-04 400mm
F38S-05 500mm
Air Purge hood 302NC 215mm
303NC 315mm
304NC 415mm
305NC 515mm


Detection Field of View

Model Field of View (FOV)


  • Smallest in class design
  • Robust case can withstand severe operating conditions
  • High performance detection of low temperature steel
  • Performance comparable to full size HMDs
  • Sensitivity adjustment feature
  • Optional airless dust hoods and air purge hoods available



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