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TAKEX America Inc.
151 San Zeno Way, Sunnyvale CA 94086, USA
SSC Radial Cross Ray / SSC-T800 Series Light curtain sensors

SSC-T800 Series Light curtain sensors


Radial Cross Ray Light Curtain senses the emitted light from all LEDs in the transmitter at each discrete detector position. This technique can render the highest sensitivity to both small objects and geometries previously considered difficult to detect (flat/thin). Selection criteria includes available number of light axis and distance to be spanned; in turn, dependant on smallest object to be detected.

 Highest in class IP67, with CE, Canadian, and US UL listing.






Detection Method Detecting Distance Light axis interval
No. of light axes
Detecting width
Set model No.
Output mode
Through- Beam type
100-500mm 5.5mm 10 50mm SSC-T801 SSC-T801PN Opaque object of ∅6mm min.
0.4-1.2m SSC-T802 SSC-T802PN Opaque object of ∅8mm min.
5 SSC-T804 SSC-T804PN Opaque object of ∅15mm min.
100-500mm SSC-T805 SSC-T805PN Opaque object of ∅12.5mm min.
10 150mm SSC-T850 SSC-T850PN Opaque object of ∅17mm min.
11mm 10 100mm
SSC-T810 SSC-T810PN Opaque object of ∅11mm min.
20mm 6 SSC-T815 SSC-T815PN Opaque object of ∅20mm min.
0.5-2.5m 11mm 10 SSC-T830 SSC-T830PN Opaque object of ∅13mm min.
20mm 6 SSC-T835 SSC-T835PN Opaque object of ∅22mm min.


  • New type with radial cross ray detection method
  • Small objects and flat tape-like objects detected
  • Convenient simplified wiring requiring no clock (synchronization) line
  • Compact and flat (14.5 mm)



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