New Product: MX-12FAMD

07 Jul 2021


US, June. 16, 2021. TAKEX AMERICA INC, a leading Japanese manufacturer of active and passive infrared perimeter intruder detection sensors, are pleased to announce the launch of a new 12m x 180° triple detection outdoor PIR + Microwave sensor with anti-masking technology.

As part of the growing family of slim design, pet tolerant, dual-zone PIR detectors, MX- 12FAMD is the Monarch; giving the extra reassurance of an additional detection technology for sites that have problematic environments or where project specifications make it mandatory.

Incorporating K-band microwave to determine the size and speed of an intruder, MX- 12FAMD will report an alarm only when detection occurs across two PIR zones and microwave simultaneously. This triple detection system is capable of dramatically reducing nuisance activations in harsh environments, and allows MX-12FAMD to be deployed in temperatures of -25°C to +60°C.

A single colour-matched lens design allows MX-12FAMD to blend discreetly within any environment in which it's placed. Beneath the cover the optical heads have been streamlined into fixed but independent 90-degree left and right sides, each offering individual PIR and Microwave control for maximum installation flexibility.

MX-12FAMD includes our sophisticated anti-masking system with near-lens awareness designed to expose attempts to obfuscate the sensor, now tuned to include 4 sensitivity levels to match any environment. Additionally, front and back tampers can detect interference or attempted theft of the sensor any time of the night or day for true peace of mind protection, all of the time.

Also included are dual alarm signal outputs, which allow you to choose between individual outputs for each 90-degree left and right side, or a combined 180-degree output plus an external trigger for connecting CCTV or ancillary devices.

Key Specifications:

  • Triple detection system
  • Dual-zone PIR + Microwave
  • Up to 180 degree wide-angle coverage
  • Dual alarm signal outputs
  • Anti-masking technology with near-lens awareness
  • Front and back tampers
  • Stowable area masks
  • Pulse count and sensitivity adjustment


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