Sensors for Industrial Automation

Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, and Laser sensors spanning all facets of Industrial Automation and embedded OEM applications.

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Whether you require Factory line automation, Hot Metal Detection (molten, cast, or rolled goods), or embedded OEM devices you can depend on for years of reliable service.

We offer the broadest range of detection approaches on the market today, coupled with worldwide support and unparalleled quality.

Fiber Optic Sensors

Non-contact, miniaturized sensors for applications too remote or hazardous for traditional photoelectric sensors.

Fiber Optic Cables

A range of reflective, through beam and special purpose fiber cables to meet any application requirement.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensor, non-contacting operation and multiple sensor modes make them ideal for almost any application.

Background / Foreground Suppression

These sensors offers reliable detection less affected by background condition, color, shape or material of targets.

Color & Mark Sensors

For non-contact identification of object color and the detection of registration marks.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Non-contacting sensors which use High Frequency sound waves as the detection medium.

Light Curtain Sensors

Light Curtain sensors are specialized photoelectric devices that utilize two or more photoelectric beams.

Steel & Heavy Industry

Photoelectric radiation detection sensors that detect the presence or absence of hot materials.

Application Specific

Application specific sensor for transparent object, glass substrate, wafer, PCB, water and car detection.

Semiconductor Laser & LED Projectors

Semiconductor Laser Projectors for medical and industrial manufacturing fields.


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