Security Sensors

TAKEX is a leading Japanese manufacturer of Security Sensors, specialising in Active Infrared Beams for Perimeter Protection, and Outdoor PIR for CCTV activation and Intruder Detection.

From domestic, commercial, and industrial premises to high-risk assets and critical infrastructure, TAKEX sensors are silently safeguarding people and property the world over.

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We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, with each sensor meticulously designed by our engineering team in Japan.

Photoelectric Beams

Point-to-point infrared detection ideal for medium to long range perimeter intruder systems up to 200m / 660ft.


A choice of indoor and outdoor passive infrared sensors for volumetric protection of property.

Microwave Sensors

For year-round point-to-point detection in extreme environments, for perimeter protection up to 100m / 330ft.

Attention Sensors

Use to provide welcome messages, protect emergency doors, deter intruders or to trigger warning messages.

Door Sensors

A choice of passive and active infrared door sensors for auto door activation.

UV Sensors

Our UV sensors provide rapid flame detection, ideal for diesel engine rooms and open environments.

Glass Break Sensors

Our Glass Break Sensors use Ultrasound technology to detect both the cutting and breaking of glass.

Beam Tower Enclosures

Disguise the number and position of beams from intruders with our rugged wall or floor mount Towers.

"We strive to make the best sensors we can, not the most sensors we can."

Stringent quality control and rigorous testing at each stage of production ensures every TAKEX sensor delivers peace-of-mind protection.


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News & Events

Find the latest news releases, upcoming events and  product updates from TAKEX.

01 Apr 2024

Peace of Mind intruder detection

From eliminating false alarms to setting the standard for product longevity, we prioritise peace-of-mind above all else.
21 Mar 2024


A next-generation photoelectric beam sensor designed for improved performance and reduced energy consumption.
01 Mar 2024

Unlocking the Value of TAKEX sensors

Let's delve deeper into what sets our sensors apart and makes them a wise investment for both installers and end-users.
01 Feb 2024

The TAKEX Advantage

Protecting what matters since 1959, TAKEX has built a legacy of excellence in precision sensing technologies.
09 Aug 2021

New Product: TXF-125DM

A first of its kind battery operated wireless ready Quad Beam sensor with Double Modulation.
07 Jul 2021

New Product: MX-12FAMD

The new 12m x 180° triple detection outdoor PIR + Microwave sensor with anti-masking technology.


Watch as our Mike Burgess steps you through the optical alignment procedure of this rather unique sensor.


This short instructional video shows just how quick and easy PR-5B is to install.

PB-TK / Beam Alignment

Here's a step-by-step video guide to aligning PB-TK series beams.


Learn beam alignment like a pro with the following instructional video by our very own Mike Burgess.

MS-12FE / 180° Detection

Configure MS-12FE for 180° detection with this quick video guide.

MS-12FE / Wall Detection

Proving ever-versatile, MS-12FE can also be configured for window or wall detection in just a few short steps.

What type of detectors do TAKEX make?

We specialise in Passive Infrared (PIR), Active Infrared (AIR), Microwave (MW), Ultraviolet (UV) and Acoustic (Glass Break) detectors.

Which should I choose?

If it’s for internal use, in domestic or office environments the most popular choice would be PIR’s which offer a multitude of coverage options and are relatively cost effective. If it’s for much larger internal coverage such as warehouses, car parks and shopping centres,  more specialist PIR’s or Active Beams are usually used.

For external use there are specialised PIR’s designed to cope with more difficult environments and situations which are usually used in closer proximity of the buildings being protected, and then beams are more commonly used for the perimeter due to their longer range and more definitive coverage. 

If you aren’t sure, either read our guides of the different technologies or contact us for more specific advice.

Where can I buy them?

We sell through trusted distribution partners around the world, partners that have trained technical departments and should be able to offer local advice, if you contact us here we can point you in the right direction.

Product Guides

Need some help with our products? We've created the following guides to answer the most common questions on product selection and installation.

19 Jul 2021


The PR-5B is a deceptively simple and reliable device, yet receives more calls for help than any other...
19 Jul 2021


Why and when to use Beam Towers, and which tower type you should choose.
19 Jul 2021


Investing a few extra minutes to correctly align a set of beams pays dividends.
19 Jul 2021


Following these last steps will bring you well on your way to becoming a Beam Tower Jedi
19 Jul 2021


What if you can't get power to one end of a zone, or it's too expensive or time consuming to do so?


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