Passive Infrared Sensors

Indoor and outdoor intruder sensors for volumetric protection of property.

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Why Dual-Zone?

Mention ‘Outdoor PIR’ and people immediately think of the security light that comes on multiple times a night courtesy of the local wildlife, be it domestic or feral, especially with the emboldened ‘urban foxes’.

So how can we still use the most versatile sensing technology but ignore the usual crowd of traditional visitors?

This is where the Dual-Zone detection system is indispensable, mounted at around 1m / 3.3ft the device throws out a horizontal field of detection and also a downward field of detection that can be adjusted up to 12m / 40ft.

Both of these fields need to be activated to cause an alarm condition, so while cats, foxes and badgers etc will be activating only the lower zone, the sensor will not report an alarm.


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