The TAKEX Advantage

01 Feb 2024

Protecting what matters since 1959, TAKEX has built a legacy of excellence in precision sensing technologies.

Our specialty? Active Infrared Beams for Perimeter Protection and Outdoor PIR for CCTV activation and Intruder Detection.

We are more than just sensors. We are the early warning system that gives you precious seconds to react, adding distance, time, and scale to your security system.

Quality is our hallmark, with each TAKEX sensor meticulously designed by our Japanese engineering team and subjected to stringent quality control and rigorous testing, ensuring it delivers peace-of-mind protection for years to come. We focus on making the best sensors we can, not the most sensors we can, and continually push the boundaries of sensor technology with a laser focus… that’s it, no distractions.

Forget impersonal corporations, we are run by real humans, the friendliest in the industry, drawing on decades of experience to offer a single point of contact for all your sales, support, and technical needs. No passing you around, just straightforward answers and great expert guidance, every time.

Over the last 65 years, we’ve found that whilst it may be easy to build a detector, building a truly reliable detector takes precision, resourcefulness and just a bit of magic to ensure we take into account all external factors, be it weather conditions or animals.

For TAKEX, balancing dependable protection with unrivalled reliability is an art, not a science.

From homes and businesses to high-risk assets and critical infrastructure, TAKEX sensors silently safeguard people and property around the world.


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