Tower Beams

PB-HFA-KH Series

PB-HF-KH Intelligent Quad Beams are designed specifically for use in our TA Series Beam Towers.

Unique Quad beams are synchronised to maintain range and stability in severe weather, while rejecting ‘nuisance-alarms’ caused by birds, animals, or blown-litter.

Supplied with PTKH ‘Quick-fix’ mounting brackets for fast, trouble-free assembly, the beam units locate in vertical slide-channels in the TA tower spine, allowing easy and precise height adjustment.

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PB-HFA-KH Series

Model Type Detection distance Frequency Selection IP Rating Supply voltage Current consumption  
PB-50HFA-KH Quad Beam 50m / 165ft 4 Channels N/A 12 - 30V DC 95mA
PB-100HFA-KH Quad Beam 100m / 330ft 4 Channels N/A 12 - 30V DC 105mA
PB-200HFA-KH Quad Beam 200m / 660ft 4 Channels N/A 12 - 30V DC 120mA


4 x Synchronised high power beams
Specifically designed for use in TA series Tower Enclosures
Double coated electronics for demanding environments
Supplied with ’Quick fix’ mounting brackets for easy adjustment
4 x Selectable beam channels to prevent crosstalk
Environmental monitoring circuit
Dynamic auto-gain lock (AGL)
Vivid internal body stickers aid beam alignment procedure
Double modulation for unsurpassed light immunity
Auto-gain control (AGC)
50,000 lux sunlight immunity



IP Interface Module


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