Battery Operated


TXF-20TDM is ideal for rapid deployment, creating temporary or permanent perimeter systems whilst reducing the time and cost of installation.

We've all experienced sun glare while driving and the dazzling effect it has on our eyes, well this can be challenging for the optics of an infrared beam too. Rather than equip them with sun visors or have them reach for a pair of sunglasses, we encode a signature within the beam signal which allows us to filter external light frequencies for enhanced rejection of direct & reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources.

Drilling holes and pulling cables can be a challenge in some environments (driveways, construction sites, remote areas), powered by 4 lithium batteries for up to 3 years of operation, TXF-20TDM can be paired with your preferred wireless panel manufacturer for a truly wire-free solution to any application.

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Model Type Detection distance Infrared beam Supply voltage Current consumption Battery Life  
TXF-20TDM Twin Beam 20m / 66ft Double modulation 3.6VDC (4x SAFT LS33600) 1.2mA 3 years


Up to 20m detecting distance
Easy to install, no cables required
Stack multiple units without crosstalk
Long-lasting battery life (up to 3 years)
High sunlight immunity
Compatible with your preferred wireless panel manufacturer
IP55 weather resistance



1m floor standing galvanised steel poles (PAIR) inc. first-fix bolt set


1.5m floor standing galvanised steel poles (PAIR) inc. first-fix bolt set


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